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          Tailored port, yard bulk material loading equipment manufacturing and installation commissioning

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          輪胎式移動計量裝置 隨著科技進步,轉運裝置效率大幅提高,一旦需要商業貿易結算,需要高效益、高精度、高產能的計量裝置。

          濾筒式除塵器有關技術 采用垂直式濾筒結構,便于粉塵吸附及清灰;且由于在清灰時濾料的抖動較小,使濾筒的壽命大大高于濾袋,維修費用低。

          裝車機 系統供電可配套柴油發電機組,也可使用岸電,或兩者皆配,請注明配套要求。


          what kind of equipment is bucket wheel reclaimer?

          Bucket wheel stacker is a modern industrial bulk bulk material continuous loading and unloading of efficient equipment......

          what’s the equipment of the ship loader

          The ship loader is a large bulk material used in the bulk wharf shipment. The general ship loader consists of boom belt conveyor, transition belt conveyor, telescope chute, tail car, walking device, mast, tower, luffing device, rotating device.

          what are the characteristics of the feed device?

          conventional underground hopper, materials are free to fall into small pieces, resulting in dust, after the blanking of particles will be separated and high-speed replacement of air. The replacement gas is caused by the extrusion of particles from the funnel at high speed......